Started in June 2007, Football Media is a collection of the best football websites across the globe. We aim to entertain, provoke and stimulate, and above all, to celebrate the beautiful game in all its contradictory and passionate glory.

Whether it’s an in depth analysis of the league table or a dedicated fan’s take on his team’s new manager; intelligent debate on footy politics and culture or a spanking hot photo of a WAG in a bikini; interviews with the best sports journalists and players worldwide or just a good old fashioned mick-take, we’ve got it all.

Welcome to the home of all things on side and offside.

As a community of the best football sites online, Football Media is run by experienced marketers, bloggers and online entrepreneurs. We know what it takes to create successful football websites (see Soccerlens) and we want to help you do the same with us.

Football Media’s guiding principles:

  1. To develop a distributed global media network that rivals BBC / Rueters – with an emphasis on delivering a level of expert analysis that today’s sensationalist mainstream media does not delve into.
  2. To help network members be more successful – where success may be measured in terms of revenues, exposure, further career opportunities, etc.
  3. To coordinate with other footballing organisations to help improve football – such as developing a player scouting network, investing in grass-roots football and developing a platform for giving young talent adequate representation in the football world.

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