Your Ad is Not Alone

How New Data Science Measures Advertising Success Across ‘Swim Lanes’

Typically, advertisers have measured the success of their online ad campaigns by the performance of each individual ad. How many clicks did it generate? How many conversions? Each advertising channel has operated under its own set of metrics, formulas and objectives.

In the world of advertising, such practices are no longer tolerable.

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The Art and Science of Interviews

Interviewing is an essential skill for a blogger, journalist, or writer. I would like to discuss 10 key concepts in the interviewing process with an emphasis on the new media and freelance journalists.

1. The Initial Approach

Be specific in your request: When you approach your target and/or their media relations representative, provide a detailed plan. “I would like to interview your goalkeeping coach to discuss daily training regimens, his previous playing career, how he evaluates players, along with the role of […]

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